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Fischerstraße - Wiesbaden

Orion IV European 23 Sàrl commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to design and plan two residential buildings and one office building to the west of the main railway station in Wiesbaden.

The building currently occupying the elongated plot between Klingholzstraße and Fischerstraße is mostly underground and serves delivery of Liliencarré retail centre. Biebricher Allee lies to the west of this building and the main railway station lies to the east. The new plan foresees construction over this existing building of two multi-unit dwellings in the west and a block-shaped office building in the east. Both the buildings’ position and their cuboid shape will create an urban synthesis between the Liliencarré retail centre and the neighbouring villas on Fischerstraße. The contours of the surrounding urban area will be taken up and continued, with the open spaces continued onto the property. The two residential buildings will be offset to create interesting urban spaces and prevent formation of street canyons along Klingholzstraße and Fischerstraße. This will enable dovetailing of the urban development with the surrounding area.

The buildings will be linked horizontally with bands of textured natural stone at ceiling height and incorporated harmoniously into the ground floor level that steps down to the railway station on several levels. The office building will receive a clear grid façade. The vertical pillars running at different angles add structure to the elongated building and enable compelling views from different perspectives.

The façades of the residential buildings take up the horizontal bands of the office building and complement this with setback rendered sections.

The floor-to-ceiling windows, in part glazed loggias and generous roof terraces on the south side create a charming residential building in an attractive inner-city location.